Pep Session Preview

On August 19, PHS will be having our very first pep session for the school year.

Before every big sport, band, or school related event takes place, our school comes together for a pep session to show their support to those involved. This will take place around 2:45 pm in the upper gym.

Senior cheerleader Laudon Goldsby gave us an inside look at what is going to happen at the pep session.

¨We worked really hard this summer at camp and will be performing a cheer we learned there,¨ said Goldsby.

Other events that will be included at the pep session will an introduction of the fall sports and hearing some words from the captains and seniors. The band will also be playing songs for the students to cheer along to.

Booster Club Representative Barb Grabner is excited to plan additional fun activities for members this year.

¨I would like to see the student body embrace the cheering on of fellow students in all that they do,¨ said Grabner.

Story by Bela Brewster

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