New Club for Kayakers

The Kayak Club is a new and arising club this year at PHS.

Science teacher Laurie Andry started this club due to the popularity of kayaking amongst students and the fun it could bring. Andry enjoys kayaking herself and thinks starting this club will bring students closer to the world around them.

¨It is mostly about having fun and being out-of-doors, enjoying nature,¨ said Andry.

The Kayak Club meets in room 120 and is for any person, grades 7-12.

If you have access to a kayak and would like to go out and kayak with your peers, just come to meetings and find when the club is going out in the water.

All members kayaking are required to wear a life jacket, no matter the swimming experience level. Kayaking is one of the many diverse clubs that PHS has to offer and more members who would like to experience the fun are welcome any time.

Story by Jace Ingle

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