Indiana Bicentennial Torch Coming Through Orange County

The celebration of the 200th anniversary of the establishment of Indiana deserves no less than a parade through the very streets that call it home.

Tomorrow, the Indiana Bicentennial Torch will find its way to Orange County. The torch will be passed using a wide variety of transportation, and will complete its journey in three and a half hours.

On the day of the celebration, PHS will be in full participation. As the torch journeys around Paoli in everything from trucks to tractors, the PHS students will be waiting for their duty in exchanging the flame. Our very own Jacob McDonald will be transporting the torch using the Supermileage team’s car and Band Director Bill Laughlin will also take a turn carrying the torch. Students will be called out of class to see the two PHS representatives carry the torch.

Students are encouraged to come ready to celebrate and participate in this monumental event in Indiana history.

Story by Dietrich Sears

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