One Million Pillowcase Challenge

On October 13, Paoli High School will be participating in the second annual Service Day.

FACS teacher Debbie Andry and a group of students will be participating in the One Million Pillowcase Challenge. The thirteen students working with Andry will be learning how to use a sewing machine, fill a bobbin, use a rotary cutter, mat and guide, and measure and iron fabrics in order to make pillow cases.

Once the pillowcases are finished, they will be delivered to children’s hospitals and given to children across the nation who are fighting prolonged illnesses.

The students working with Andry for the day will be learning skills that they can use for their lifetime, and helping children that are less fortunate than many of the students at PHS.

‘‘I feel that any time students are made or allowed to do something for others, everyone benefits. Giving is an important part of living and unless it is taught, it is not done,’’ said Andry.

Story by Avery Owens

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