Singing at Paoli Health and Living Community

With PHS’s annual service day coming up, many teachers are getting their plans together for it. That is the case for choir teacher Chelsea Bolas who will be participating in the event. Bolas and her choir students will be singing to residents at Paoli Health and Living Community along with making gifts and instruments for the residents.

“We are making percussion instruments: mainly, egg shakers, rain sticks, etc. We are also making cards for the residents,” said Bolas.

Choir students will be learning about human interaction during this service day. Making time to actually talk to residents is extremely important to Bolas.

“Spending time with the residents at Paoli Health and Living is not only a service, but an incredible, memorable experience,” said Bolas.

Out of all the service opportunities Bolas could’ve chosen, she chose this one. Bolas stated that it made a positive impact on students and residents in the past.

“Perspective on life is easily changed when spending time with people outside of your age group. There was a huge positive effect after last year’s sing-a-long, both with students and residents,” said Bolas.

Story by Sara Kesterson

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