Photos at the French Lick-West Baden Museum

On the annual service day, English teacher Carol Fullington will be taking a group of 22 students to the West Baden-French Lick area to do several things.

The first thing the group will be doing is heading to the French Lick-West Baden Museum for a tour. Afterwards, students will have the opportunity to go through and take pictures. After the pictures are taken, they will post the pictures on TripAdvisor to promote tourism in the area.

“I hope the students gain a couple of things while on this trip. But first and foremost, that giving back to the community is important, and giving back can take on many different faces. Some projects are hard, manual labor, some projects not so much, but the idea is that we can contribute in many different ways,” said Fullington.

They will also scan photographs of current troops and veteran soldiers from Indiana. Then, they will share their primary info and photos with the Indiana State Museum, which will have an exhibit in early November titled “Heroes from the Heartland.”

Story by India Wong

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