Cheer Feature: Cheerleading a Passion for Goldsby

goldsby1_ltCheer has been a lifelong passion for senior Laundon Goldsby. For someone who is not a cheerleader, this passion might be hard to grasp. For a member of the cheering team, it is a feeling they would not be able to replace.

“I love being able to support the school and lead the rest of my squad along with the booster club to cheering on our Rams,” said Goldsby.  

Her love for cheer and gymnastics started at the young age of four and has continued ever since. Goldsby’s mom was a cheerleader in high school, so she gave her the push to try it as well.

¨I was in gymnastics from the time I was four years old till I was fourteen. I started doing competition cheer in third grade, and I loved it so much I decided to try out for cheer in fourth grade and I made it. I have been cheering ever since,¨ said Goldsby.

Goldsby’s experience helps her become a captain that anyone can look up to.

¨Laundon is a really good captain, and I am glad that I got to cheer varsity with her for two years. She is the best leader for our team because she takes control and does her job very well,¨ said sophomore cheerleader Mahalia Taylor.

Over the last fourteen years, Goldsby has devoted her life to cheer. After high school, however, Goldsby does not plan to continue her cheerleading career.

¨I will miss the Friday nights lights, football games and basketball season most definitely. The games where it’s just a touchdown or a few points away, the crowd goes crazy, and I get to lead the chants and cheers going on in such a heat of the moment are what I live for,¨ said Goldsby.

After high school, she plans on attending Indiana State University and majoring in nursing with a minor in Spanish language culture.

Story by Madison Street

Photo by Lily Thompson

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