Paoli Volleyball: Sectional Champs!


Row 1: Sara Kesterson, Sierra Rodewig, Coach Sharon Perkins, Madison Street, Emma Osborn, Bela Brewster, Anna Hutcheson, Keaton Chastain, Jacqlyn Rice, Audrey Blankenbaker, Kayla Bailey, Lexie Stroud, Coach Casey Bowles, Coach Alicia Clark, Emily Leone, Row 2: Lexi Stroud, Kaden Lewellyn, Maddie McDonald, Jaylin Busick, Amber Smith, Claire Cornwell, Isabelle Goff, Kinley Block, and Lauren Rutheford


Saturday night the Rams Volleyball team took home a Sectional win for the first time since 2002. They are now advancing to Regional here on their own grounds Tuesday night against the South Ripley Raiders.

The Raiders have a record this season of 17-7 and our Rams have a record of 23-12.

“I’m really proud of my team and what we have accomplished. I believe if we stay focused and have fun we will win regional,” said senior Claire Cornwell.

Come out and support the Volleyball Team in the cheer block tomorrow night  with the theme blackout.

Story by Maggie Vincent

Photo by Jeremy Nichols


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