Agriculture Feature: Love for FFA


Senior Logan Love has been a part of FFA for a total of six years. After years of only being a part of the club, he started to be more involved his sophomore year as the secretary. He worked his way up each year, going on to be vice president his junior year and now president. As the FFA president, his responsibilities are to manage activities and try to have a successful year. Although Love is the president, all officers of FFA are expected to maintain a certain role and be an example to other members. All officers, including Love, have a goal set at the beginning of the year and officers of FFA are to set to achieve the goal. The most important role as the president is to present their chapter in all meetings and official functions.

Love is currently in agriculture business and is learning about different kinds of businesses in agriculture and how to run them. In natural resources, Love is studying hunters’ education and in plant and soil science (hydroponics).

Our chapter does many different activities to get younger kids involved by having a chapter kick off, Ag Olympics and Barnyard Carnival for the fourth graders,” said Love.

FFA is a organization that teaches students many things before they graduate high school. FFA is known to turn a shy student into a blooming adult who is ready to take on the real world and Love has been cited as a prime example.

Logan has become a fine young man. I have no doubt that he will be successful in whatever directions he decides to go,” said Agriculture teacher Cory Scott.

Being a part of FFA means that there are plenty of conventions to go to throughout the year. One of the conventions is the farm machinery show, where there is plenty of machinery to check out, walk around and booths set up to buy some souvenirs to take home. Another convention is the livestock show, and when attending this, there are animals being judged and people around to watch.

“I will miss the contests, state conventions and national conventions,” said Love.

As well as Scott thinking that Love has grown, Love admits some of his own self-accomplishments.

“FFA has taught me how to be a productive leader, more responsible and to have work ethic,” said Love.

Story by Alexis DeCarlo

Photos by Lily Thompson and Lauren Umpleby

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