Newspaper Feature: Wong’s Organizational Skills Helpful in High School and Beyond


When many students look to the future, they may not have a clear idea of what it holds. For Senior India Wong, the future is not something to mess around with. Wong has high expectations for herself and her life after high school. With her outstanding work ethic and commitment, she has all the tools needed to accomplish her goals in life.

Wong is one of two editor-in-chiefs for the Paolite Newspaper and Hillcrest Yearbook. She directs writers to make sure every deadline is met. Wong shows superb organizational skills which reflect in the quality of the PHS Journalism Department.

“I enjoy journalism and the aspect of being behind the scenes of the newspaper. I try to keep everyone organized and on-time with their work,” said Wong.

This senior’s involvement in journalism has helped to prepare her for her future. Wong plans to work in healthcare administration.

“I would work at a desk doing paperwork in a hospital. I would be in charge of hiring new people and making sure doctors and nurses are doing their jobs properly. The job would also require lots of meetings and hospital planning,” said Wong.

This field is a very ambitious aim for Wong, but something she can easily achieve with her skill and determination.

In the midst of her final year of high school, Wong ties up years of leaving her mark on our hallways. Her kind and generous personality makes her a key player in the vibe of PHS. Wong will continue to display these strong qualities and carry them over to her life after high school.

Story by Dietrich Sears

Photo by Addison Wells

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