IUS Fall Press Day Field Trip Tomorrow

There are many things that get the PHS Media Department thrilled about fall, and the IUS Fall Press Day is definitely one of them. This special occasion will occur tomorrow on the Indiana University Southeast college campus. Many schools from southern Indiana attend each year, along with Paoli who has gone for over fifteen years.

“This trip has always been a validation for our staff that the work they do is quality and competitive against other schools in southern Indiana,” said Media Advisor Heather Nichols.

IUS Press Day starts off with students listening to a professional journalist. Attendees will then take two workshop-style classes in the morning. These classes are taught by real professionals who teach real journalism classes at IU Southeast. After the classes are over, it is time for the awards ceremony.

Winning awards is not something new to our media department. The Paoli Media Department has won awards such as Yearbook of the Year, Newspaper of the Year, Best Coverage, Best Design, and Best People Section, just to name a few. Along with overall awards given to schools, awards can also be given to individuals who have done outstanding work.

One of the most important reasons as to why students go every year is to help them improve their skills. Whether it’s writing, design or photography, every student will be able to benefit from this field trip.

It’s nice to know that what you do is valuable and that the students gain real skills that they can go out in the world and apply to college and on the job. Plus it’s just a lot of fun to be around like-minded people who share an interest in media,” said Nichols.

Story by Sara Kesterson

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