Choir Feature: Pierce Hits the High Notes



Senior Angel Pierce has been involved in choir since elementary school and has stuck to it ever since. She loves singing because it is a raw form of expression and also because it is a personal art form.

It is fun for Pierce to be able to walk into her sixth period choir class and relax by focusing on music.

“Choir is important to me because it’s a large stress-reliever during the day,” said Pierce.

Pierce also loves the amazing memories she makes everyday doing the activity she loves.

“Last year I got to play a stalker for a duet, which I think was pretty memorable,” said Pierce.


While Pierce is learning new singing methods for her choir class, she is also learning things that apply to everyday life. She learns how to work as a part of a group by everyone working to achieve to the larger goal. Choir also helps Pierce for the future because she plans on pursuing a career in music.

“I’m going to college for music production and industry with a speciality in composition. I would eventually like to perform, though,” said Pierce.

She believes that the choir year has been a success and that everyone can anticipate more successful performances to come. Pierce thinks her choir class will continue growing in talent, as she goes for her own goal of continuing to grow as a singer and musician.

Story by Emma Osborn

Photo by Lauren Umpleby

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