HOSA Feature: Coots Plans to Save Lives


Saving lives is a dream for all small children, but for Senior Emily Coots, she hopes to make this dream a reality.

When Coots was a sophomore, she got involved in HOSA, which stands for the Health Occupations Students of America. This class is offered exclusively for students enrolled in Mara Eisle Health Science or Medical Terminology classes held across the street at LRCC.

HOSA holds conferences every year in Indianapolis, and this just happens to be one of Coots’ favorite parts. There are conferences in all of the states, and there is a national conference where all of the winners compete in different categories of their choice, all in connection to medicine. At the conferences, there are also a variety of other types of competitions. Students and advisors from all across America compete here, and it is a great opportunity to come together and expand their knowledge.

HOSA is just a stepping stone for Coots to become a nurse, which happens to be her dream job.

“I got involved in nursing because I was taking Med Term, It really interested me and my brother went into nursing,” said Coots.

After high school Coots plans to work as a CNA and then pay for her college to become a nurse. She hopes to attend Butler University or Indiana University.

Story by Madison Street

Photo by Joni Blackburn

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