Franklin and Indianapolis Field Trip Recap

On Thursday, November 10th, Journalism Adviser Heather Nichols took 14 of her media students on a three day, two night trip to Indianapolis. The first stop on the trip was at the IHSPA State Convention at Franklin College. Students here won 27 individual  awards, along with the Hoosier Star in both the Yearbook and Newspaper.

After the convention, students went to the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis. While at the Marriott, the staff attended several classes and critiques.

A successful trip for the media students meant a lot to this year’s seniors who know that this could be their last media trip. This especially hit home for a senior that has been on staff for three years, India Wong.

¨This trip meant a lot to me. We won a lot of awards and knowing that this is my senior year makes the trip even more special. We made great memories and did a great job,” said Wong.

Story by Kennedy Embry

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