Firefighter Feature: Retherford Always on Call to Help

For most people volunteering means giving a few hours of their time every so often. For Senior Levi Retherford, it means giving his time, day or night, for one hour or several. Retherford has been a volunteer firefighter for almost a year now. He volunteers through the Southeast Volunteer Fire Department.

Retherford is on call constantly, ready to go to work at any time he is needed.

Essentially I am a gopher and a pencil pusher. Which means when we go on a ‘run’ either fire or medical, because I am a minor and not certified, I am not allowed to actually work on the scene. This means I take notes on patients and fill out paperwork and reports. I also get hoses and other tools that a firefighter might need help with,” said Retherford.

Retherford works with other firefighters, helping them whenever they need. He also works with patients who have called 911 either for medical reasons or because there was a fire, as well as working with the EMS service. Retherford became a volunteer firefighter for the medical aspect.

“I am driven to be a surgeon in the ER,” said Retherford.

In order to get a head start on his schooling as a surgeon, he plans on taking Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training in the future.

“I have always loved helping people and the fire department has opened up all kinds of opportunities to do that.” said Retherford.

Retherford plans on going to IU in the future, with a major in Biochemistry and a focus on Paramedicine.

Story by Dorothy Gofourth


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