Athletic Changes at PHS

With the introduction of winter sports at PHS, comes some new athletic changes. Most athletes are aware that they can receive a Varsity letter in any sport if they reach a certain amount of playing time. Along with receiving a letter, athletes are eligible to purchase a letter jacket. With each Varsity letter you earn, you will earn a pin for that particular sport.

¨These pins are a complementary gift from the athletic department as a token of appreciation to thank you for your time and commitment to Paoli athletics,¨ said athletic director, Darek Newkirk.

The pins are golden and can represent the fall sports of football, volleyball, golf, tennis and cross country. Upcoming winter sports that athletes can earn pins for are basketball and wrestling. These pins will be awarded at your sports awards ceremony at the conclusion of the season. Coaches will be in contact with the athletic director to inform who receives a pin for Varsity lettering. For members of the classes of: 2017, 2018 and 2019, see Darek Newkirk for receiving pins in your particular sport. All athletes who are committed to Paoli athletics should be recognized and are cherished by all of PHS.

Story by Jace Ingle

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