The Life of the Ag Pigs

The Life of the Ag Pigs

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By Maddy McDonald

This is the Story of the Pigs in the Ag room. There are four total, with the names; Reba, Mabel. Lucy, and Stacy. They are kept in the green house at Paoli Jr. Sr. High School, connected to Mr. Scott´s and Mr. Woolston´s classrooms. Mr. Scott has four different class periods which each class period has their own pig they are responsible for. They are tended to daily, with the usual feedings in the morning and over the weekends. On the weekends, they have certain people that come in to take care of the pigs, sometimes it is Mr. Scott or Mr. Woolston, and sometimes the students come in to feed the pigs. The pigs will be bred, and they will have piglets that the some of the Ag students will show at the Orange County 4-H fairgrounds in the summer.

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