Hoosier Genius Recap

Click here to watch Hoosier Genius!

PHS recently hosted their first game show called “Hoosier Genius” for Indiana’s bicentennial. History teacher Chris Lindley was the event planner of the show and Superintendent Casey Brewster was the host.

“I wanted to celebrate the state’s Bicentennial here at school in some way. When I was a elementary student 40 years ago we celebrated America’s bicentennial at my little school near Madison. I can still remember much of what we did; perhaps that even began my love affair with history! I wanted our students to feel they were a part of something during Indiana’s 200th year. I chose the date to coincide with Indiana’s official statehood day, December 11th,” said Lindley.

Contestants for the game show were seventh grader Michael Hannon, sophomores Jacob McDonald and Tessa Robbins, freshman Devin Bush, junior Micheal Porter, and seniors Chase Meehan and Timothy Leone. Scores varied throughout the show. Everyone was stunned when the lone junior high student, Hannon, won. Hannon received Red Gold salsa, popcorn, Dillman Farms jam, a free meal at Superburger and two passes for go-karting.  Second place went to Bush who won a treat bag and a free burger at Superburger. Porter, who placed third, received the same prize.

“I don’t know if I did a great job but I sure did enjoy it! If students learned just a couple things or were reminded of things they previously learned and enjoyed watching it, the homeroom time was time well spent,” said Brewster.

Story by Alexis Decarlo


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