Solo and Ensemble Festival

Solo and Ensemble Festival is a contest where students perform and receive feedback on their abilities and skills. While the students are performing, the judges keep notes on how well the performance is. The judge assigns numbers to nine different categories, and all of the numbers are added up.

Ratings are scored as follows:

Gold: 9-13 points

Silver: 14-19 points

Bronze: 20-25 points

White: 26-30 points

Participation: 31+ points

“Our goal is for everyone to earn a Gold rating. Silver is also a great accomplishment. We spend the month of January helping the students prepare for this,” said Band Director, Bill Laughlin.

The Solo and Ensemble Festival will take place on Saturday, January 28, at Jasper Elementary School.

“This allows our band to get better, and ultimately determines how good our concert and marching bands will be the next year,” said Laughlin.

The week of January 28, send your love and support to the band members participating in the Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Story by Avery Owens

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