Baker Making Strides


Junior year is a critical year for most high school students. This is the year that many students begin looking at colleges and planning their futures. For junior Callie Baker, this is very true in her everyday life.

Baker has to balance all of the activities that she is involved in and keep her academics up at the same time, all so she can get into the school she wants in the future. She has been looking into Ball State University, Taylor University and Indiana University.

“Colleges really look at activities and things that you are involved in in school,” said Baker.

Baker handles several things, including being involved in many clubs, participating in sports and keeping her academics up. National Honor Society, Student Council, Class President, SADD, Spanish Club and Booster Club are all clubs here at PHS that Baker participates in and has to balance everyday. Not to mention her sports as well. She plays golf and girl’s basketball. All of these activities can be a lot to handle, and then adding all of her AP classes and being in the running for an academic honor diploma can add more stress to the mix.

“Sometimes you have to make a hard decision between going out with friends or staying in and studying for that big test the next day, but making grades a priority is just something that I have to do,” said Baker.

With all of her studying and involvement in the school already, Baker has already been very successful and is looking forward to the future and what it has to hold for her.

Story by Kennedy Embry

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