Strother Takes the Stage with Second “Family”


For some teens, singing began and ended with the alphabet and nursery rhymes, but for senior Allison Strother, it’s all she’s ever known.

For as long as Strother can remember, her dad has raised her and her sister on music.

“It’s a part of me,” said Strother. “And it will be forever.”

Being in choir from elementary school to senior year, Strother has always had a love for music. The choir family and everyone in it has without a doubt left an imprint on Strother’s choir years.

“We are a family and somehow I’ve become a mother to all the junior high kids,” said Strother.

From memories of her favorite late night rehearsals to doing her first duet, Strother will always have a place in her heart for choir.

“Singing is more than hitting the notes. The only easy part is the family,” said Strother.

She will hold tight onto all her choir memories as she writes the next lyric of her life and remember the times she had standing on the stage surrounded by her second family.

“I’ve never felt more safe and at ease than I do with those people,” said Strother.

Story by Maggie Vincent

Photos by Lily Thompson

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