External Review Committee Coming to Paoli Schools

From February 5th to February 8th there will be an External Review Committee reviewing the Paoli School district. Five representatives of the committee will be visiting classrooms, walking the halls and reviewing the quality of the schools.

“The committee members are from around the country and are here to view our school through the lens of five standards; Purpose and Direction, Governance and Leadership, Teaching and Assessing of Learning, Resources and Support Systems, and Using Results for Continuous Improvement. As part of the visit, various school employees have worked hard to prove our level of performance in each standard. Since this is a corporation review, both Throop and PHS will be involved in working with the team to gain an accurate view of Paoli Community Schools as a whole,” said principal Chad Johnson. “For the students, not much will be that different through the day. The team will be in most classrooms through the day evaluating the teaching process. These visits will last for at least 20 minutes, but can take longer. Other than that, be prepared to see the team members through the halls and students might be ready to answer questions that team members might have in classes or in the halls.”

Story by Garrett Vincent

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