White Lends a Helping Hand


While in high school, teenagers want to find their niche, or where they belong. For senior Kelsi White that’s helping out in the community through volunteering with Tri-Hi-Y. White has been a member of Tri-Hi-Y for about three years now, and has been elected President for her final year of high school.

“I joined because I love helping out people and our community,” said White.

Tri-Hi-Y does many projects throughout the year, including Jubilee Christmas, Operation Christmas Child, making care packages for soldiers and fundraising donations for groups like SmileTrain, Doctors Without Borders, Rapha House and Save the Children. Of the projects that Tri-Hi-Y sponsors, White’s favorite project that they have done has been Cell Phones for Soldiers.

After high school, White plans to do more service projects within her community and others.

“Tri-Hi-Y has bettered me as a person. It has taught me about more things going on in the world, and the ways to help fix it. It allowed me to be more caring from seeing things through other people’s eyes,” said White.

If possible, White plans to join the Peace Corps to continue to help the world as much as she can.

By Rebekah Reeves

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