Stewart Goes Beyond


When some people see someone who is visually impaired, they automatically assume that they are helpless. Senior Nikki Stewart has learned to overcome her disability and do the things she wants to do despite this disability.

Stewart is a part of the drama club, booster club, NHS and has been a member of the Spanish club.

Stewart’s biggest milestone is either being inducted into NHS or her class rank. She is currently ranked third in her class out of around 90 students.

“I never dreamed I could reach third in my class,” said Stewart.

Through NHS, Stewart tutors a visually impaired student at Throop. She takes her time to teach this student how to read braille and use a brailler.

“This greatly influences our school and community because Nikki is a successful student who uses her talents to impact the lives of younger children,” said NHS sponsor Jaye Brewster.

Stewart is reaching to keep up the same work ethic she has had in the past.

“My goal for this school year is to graduate with an exceptional class rank and keep my grades up as I have in the past,” said Stewart.

Throughout school, Stewart’s biggest accomplishment has been overcoming visual impairment. She has been reading Braille since the age of three and has learned how to read some large fonts. She has also learned how to use a cane successfully and overcome the obstacles she’s run into throughout her life.

In the fall, Stewart plans to attend the University of Kentucky. Throughout college she wants to get a major in clinical psychology and a minor in Spanish. While going to school to be a child psychologist, Stewart plans on also receiving a master’s or doctorate’s degree.

Story by Avery Owens

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