Choate Leading the Way


Some students at PHS have devoted themselves entirely to cheering on their peers. The Booster Club is one of the most active clubs at school and makes one of the biggest impacts on the student athletes and clubs. This club would not be able to function without several key leaders, one of which being none other than senior Whitney Choate.

“I have been in booster club for two years,” said Choate. “After these two years, I have gotten the position as vice president.”

Choate takes pride in being very active and showing support for Paoli Athletics. She holds a key position for her club. This title comes with many responsibilities, none of which Choate takes lightly.

“I feel my job in booster club is very important because if the co-presidents can not be at an event, I will help do their job as well as I can,” said Choate.

The booster club makes appearances at most PHS events in some way. They are responsible for choosing a theme for the cheer block, and preparing students to cheer and make an impact on the game. As vice president, Choate has some very specific duties she is in charge of, and she enjoys participating with supporting her school.

“As vice president, I pretty well do just as much as the president’s. I get the same emails, I help plan events, and also prepare dress up themes,” said Choate.

All in all, Choate participates in booster club simply because she loves it and enjoys helping her school. She wants to give back and support all students participating in extracurricular activities.

“My favorite thing about the sporting events is getting dressed up, and being able to cheer on the boys and girls from the front row,” said Choate.

Not enough can be said about the value of showing support for one’s peers, and at the front of the pack is senior Whitney Choate.

Story by Dietrich Sears

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