Busick Aims for Success


Last school year PHS adopted a new teacher, agriculture teacher Kyle Woolston. When Woolston joined the PHS family, he brought a new sport to the school that would become very popular: archery.

Last season the archery team went to Nationals, and then progressed to Worlds. PHS Senior Jaylin Busick was a part of the team and got to experience the thrill ride.

“When we went to Nationals and Worlds, I was really excited and nervous all at the same time,” said Busick. “But overall, it was a good experience and I am really excited for the upcoming season.”

Busick decided to join archery because it was something different that she had never gotten the chance to do. Like many other students, it was a choice she does not regret.

“Archery made me step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Once I got into the practices I realized it was a lot of fun and it is something I enjoy doing,” said Busick.

Busick loves getting to compete with friends and having fun at practices. Something she doesn’t like about archery is that the competitions aren’t close to home and not many people realize how successful they really are.

One person that motivates Busick to do her best is fellow classmate senior Logan Love.

“Logan really motivates me to try my hardest and he tries to help me improve,” said Busick.

Busick has some advice for anyone interested in joining archery.

“If you are somewhat interested in archery, then go to a couple of practices and try it! It is a lot of fun to be able to practice with your friends,” said Busick.

Story by Haley Owens

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