Hobson’s Life Behind the Scenes


Not many people can handle the high levels of stress that come with managing a group of people and producing a show, but for senior June Hobson, it’s one of her favorite things about school.

In her Advanced Speech and Communications class (commonly called “TV” or “the studio”), Hobson is the student producer and ads manager, meaning she is responsible for keeping everyone on task, scoring the daily show, uploading it to YouTube and organizing all the businesses that sponsor PHS News Today.

She started Advanced Speech and Communications her Junior year because her friend Aylissa Bush encouraged her to join, so there would be a senior in the class of 2017 to work on the tribute. Hobson has been in media classes with Mrs. Nichols since she was a freshman.

“My favorite part of the studio is working with all of the other students and hosting events such as the NHS Tapping and the School Board Forum. They are a lot of stress but in the end we are always proud of the outcome and it pushes our program further,” said Hobson.

She is currently planning to attend the University of Indianapolis for accounting, with a career in TV as a back up.

“I love seeing the progress our staff and program have been making this year!” said Hobson.

Story by Dorothy Gofourth

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