Stroud’s Passion for Wrestling


Finding a hobby so young and holding onto it for long can be rare, and hardly ever does it develop into a lifestyle. For a lot of people, it’s a struggle to find that passion.

For senior Will Stroud, that passion started in the second grade, and it was wrestling. Stroud has been wrestling for ten years now, and has had many experiences on the road.

Stroud’s mother, Sara Hess, was a professional wrestler; this got him fascinated in the sport. Folkstyle, the type of wrestling Stroud does, is much different than the type of professional wrestling his mother used to do.

“My mom motivates me to do the best that I can,” said Stroud.

During his junior year, Stroud believes he experienced his best match yet.

“At the Scottsburg invite, it was one of the hardest matches I’ve ever been in,” said Stroud. “I wrestled a kid from Crawford and went into overtime. My nose was destroyed and it wouldn’t stop bleeding, he ended up winning in overtime, but the kid was one of my friends and it was just a very good match.”

While in high school, Stroud has had his fair share of wins and loses, and a well deserved spot and memory at Regional.

“I went to Regional my freshman year and we were in the ticket round, which is the round that determines if you move onto Semi-State. I was winning by points and ended up in a bad position and the kid pinned me,” said Stroud. “It was alright and I could’ve definitely done better. I’m glad I had the experience.”

Stroud has to keep his mind clear while on the mat and focus on the opponent. Before stepping on the mat, he thinks about all of the matches he has lost and his late father, Josh Stroud, and how he loved to watch him wrestle.

For his senior year, Stroud did not have any specific goals.

“I had a good year this year, and it is definitely one of the most memorable,” said Stroud.

After graduation, Stroud plans to attend IUPUI in Indianapolis to study marketing and video production, as well as traveling.

Story by India Wong

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