Fields’ Song


Singing is something some people could do all day. Senior Cody Fields loves to sing and has learned something important from being in choir. He’s learned to not be shy about things.

“The one thing I learned is to have confidence and enjoy the things you like to do,” said Fields. “So that’s what I did.”

Fields has been in choir for four years. One year in junior high, two years in varsity, and one year of men’s choir. Men’s choir started this year and is very similar to any other type of choir, except it is all men.

Choir allows Fields to enjoy himself and learn new songs. Fields’s favorite performance was Bohemian Rhapsody, which was done his freshman year of high school.

“I enjoyed all of my choir performances. No matter if we had practice all week or not at all. They were still fun to do,” said Fields.

When most people do whatever it is they like to do, they usually learn something from it. For Fields, it is something that several people struggle with.

“I have become more confident in myself because of choir,’’ said Fields. “I am glad I joined it.”

Fields’s plans after high school are still undecided.

Story by Avery Owens

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