Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble Festival was held at Jasper, IN on Feb. 4. All students participated in a solo setting as well as ensembles. They were performing music while being coached by a trained musician.

“This enables the students to receive personal assessment on their musical progress. The students receive a written evaluation of their performance as well as a medallion signifying their accomplishment,” said high school band director Bill Laughlin.

All the students who chose to participate entered into one of five divisions that were classified by skill level. Any student who received a gold medal in the advanced division qualify for the State Solo and Ensemble.

For PHS, the students who received a gold in the division 1: Caleb Baumgardner, Keegan Anderson, Morgan Apple, Marixa Oceguera, Dayton Satterfield, Livia Sullivan, Dylan Terrell, Maggie McGowen, Breanna Ward, Joesy Bledsoe, Koby Durbin, Adalie Giles, Rheanna Jones, Noah McSpadden, Alicia Neale, Hunter Roach, Aron Royer, Vanesa Swartz, Jacob Tapp, Krista Tedrow and Devan Thompson. These students qualified for State Solo and Ensemble and PHS wishes them luck.

Story by Bela Brewster

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