Smith’s Passion for Basketball


In any sport you play, hard work and dedication is a key component in getting the win. Senior Amber Smith knows what it feels like to work hard and be a successful athlete. Smith has played shooting guard in basketball for eight years now and always comes in ready to work.

“I started playing basketball because I saw my sister playing,” said Smith. “Watching her play made me wanted to, so I did. I started playing in the fourth grade and I’ve been in love with it ever since.”

Smith isn’t the first “Smith” to be a product of Paoli girls basketball, Kelsey Smith, a graduate of the class of 2014, was also a factor in Smith becoming the player she is today.

“My favorite memory from basketball would be my freshman year when I got to play with my sister her senior year,” said Smith. “It was a great memory.”

Not only does hard work have a critical impact on winning but so does the team you play with. Smith and her teammates have a great bond on and off the court.

“I will miss the bond I have with my teammates and the game,” said Smith.

Smith’s future college is yet to be decided but she hopes to fulfill a career in business management.

“Keep your head in the game and don’t get mad at other players, don’t let someone ruin the love you have for basketball,” said Smith.

Story by Maggie Vincent

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