Vincent’s Electrifying Success

Billy Vincent

Billy Vincent, a 1992 graduate of PHS, is living proof of the validity of the saying, “climbing the ladder.” Vincent, who is currently the Vice President of Operations at Electricom, began his career at the company as a laborer in the summer of 1992 — just after he graduated.

In the fall of 1992, Vincent began his college career at Purdue University and after one semester, transferred to Indiana State where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in construction management.

In the summers between terms at Indiana State, Vincent would return to Paoli where he continued to work as a laborer on construction crews.

Upon graduating from ISU, Vincent landed a job at Electricom as a Field Coordinator.

“When I first started, I helped order materials and then it wasn’t long before I started working for the power division. I helped with purchases and job tracking and things like that,” said Vincent.

After about four years, Vincent climbed the first notch of the ladder and was promoted to another position as a Project Manager.

“As a project manager, I did the same kinds of things as before, but I got more involved in bidding on jobs, scheduling and managing different projects. That’s where more of the management skills started to develop,” said Vincent.

After being a project manager for some time, Vincent was promoted to the title he has now.

“Now, I basically run and manage all aspects of our power division. Which is the part of our company that builds power lines and installs buried electric. So I am involved in managing, bidding projects, scheduling crews, financial analysis of jobs, and business development,” said Vincent.

After 20 years at Electricom, Vincent still enjoys being at the office everyday and doing his job.

“I love my job because I love the electric industry. It is very intriguing to me. I enjoy all the people I work with and the whole industry I work in, it’s very challenging. I also love that electrical construction is always changing, it’s never the same and to me that makes it fun,” said Vincent.

Vincent may be a VP now, but he was once a high school student at Paoli, walking the same halls as everyone now.

“My favorite memory of high school was the sports I played, football and baseball, because I loved to compete and I loved the comradery of my teammates. Growing up, that’s all we did, we would play outside from the time we got up and got going from the time we had to go home. My rule was I had to be home when the street lights came on, but until then, we would play,” said Vincent.

Vincent finished eleventh in his graduating class and was involved in National Honor Society, Booster Club, Chess Club, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Masque and Gavel, SADD, and was also a member of the Hillcrest and Paolite staff.

“One regret I have from high school is not focusing on my academics in my early highschool years. I didn’t really start focusing until about halfway through my sophomore year and I only did then because I realized if my girlfriend (and current wife) Holly could do it, so could I. I thought, ‘Man, if she can do it, so can I.’ I really just wanted to beat her,” said Vincent.

“One lesson I learned from PHS is that you get what you earn. Meaning, if you don’t put forth the effort, don’t expect good results,” said Vincent.

Vincent still resides in Paoli today and is an active community member and a successful businessman. The advice he would give PHS students is quite simple.

“Don’t take it for granted. Life goes by very, very quickly. Don’t take your high school years for granted. Make the most of your experience and use it as a foundation for the rest of your life,” said Vincent.

Story by Garrett Vincent

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