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Goerres’ Memories at PHS


English teacher Brooke Goerres graduated from PHS in 2006. From PHS she moved on to IU Bloomington, where she graduated in 2011. Goerres received her position as an English teacher five years ago at Paoli once more, where she has stayed.

“I have so many great memories from PHS,” said Goerres.

Goerres remembers working on the yearbook during her time here, but says she regrets not following her instincts and playing volleyball her junior year, when she felt it was too late to start a new sport.

“I wish I would have given it a chance,” said Goerres. “I played intramural volleyball in college and really enjoyed it.”

Despite her single regret, Goerres says there is nothing she would change about her high school experience, given the chance.

“I wouldn’t want to change anything. I had a great experience in high school and have lifelong friends and memories from PHS.”

Since her days at PHS, Goerres not only received a degree in teaching, but has also gotten her real estate broker license. Goerres works at Boyer Real Estate in Paoli, and has been selling houses for the past couple of years. Goerres also married in 2013, and is now expecting her first child with said spouse in July 2017.

Goerres’s advice to high schoolers now is simple.

“Enjoy high school! Even though you may feel like you’re ready to leave and experience new things, high school memories will always be some of your favorite times. Don’t miss out on chances to make memories with your friends because you’ll soon be headed in different directions.”

Story by Rebekah Reeves

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