Street Encourages Students to Try Something New

Kevin Street

Students in today’s school systems may think previous graduates had it way different than they do and they do not realize what they are going through. In reality, Paoli’s graduates most likely walked the same halls, took the same classes and might have even had some of the same teachers. This was the case for Paoli graduate Kevin Street.

In high school, Street participated in multiple sports the school offered, including golf and basketball. His favorite memory was playing those two sports, but most importantly it was playing for his coaches Jerry Stroud and Mike Kerby.

“My coaches made sports fun because they made you work hard while keeping everything fun,” said Street.

All the hard work paid off for the Paoli golf team that Street was a part of. In 1985, the team won golf sectional and advanced to the state finals. This is also another memory that Street is very fond of and will be able to share with his teammates for the rest of their lives.

Street graduated from PHS in 1985. After high school he attended the University of Southern Indiana for two years while continuing his golf career. Street then transferred to IU Southeast where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

High school flies by for many students, and this was the case for Street as well. He wishes he would have taken more classes in art, theater and music so he could have well rounded knowledge in various subjects.

“I’d also take more public speaking classes and participate in speech contest to learn to communicate effectively in a variety of settings and situations. A wide variety of knowledge in these areas can be very helpful to any career later in life,” said Street.

He also regrets not participating in more clubs to do different things with students and classmates you normally would not get to talk to due to academic paths or after school activities.

As for students that are still enjoying their glory days in high school, Street would tell them to get out of their comfort zone of friends and activities and be as uncomfortable as you can. This will give you the opportunity to enhance your education, not just of subjects, but of people and how they can think or do differently than you.

“Take as broad a range of classes as your schedule will allow to not only gain knowledge, but to also work with teachers and fellow students with different interests and perspectives. Take advantage of the learning opportunities you have at PHS beyond the classroom or athletics,” said Street.

Since his graduation, Street has climbed up the ladder and has made his way to becoming the Vice President of Sales at Jasper Desks located in Jasper, Indiana. His career involves extensive travel to see customers and train the company’s representatives stationed in various states.

Story by Madison Street

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