Cornwell’s Farewell to Softball

For senior softball player Claire Cornwell, softball has been a major part of her life. Cornwell has been playing softball for as long as she can remember. She has been participating in this sport since she was five.

“My dad and I would go outside and play catch, so I decided to try to play,”said Cornwell.

Cornwell plays anywhere in the infield, but mostly plays first and third.

Neil Dittmer, the head softball coach, has coached Cornwell for four years in her high school career, but six years total.

“My favorite thing to watch about senior Claire Cornwell is her effort at practice and games. I also enjoy watching her slap knowing that if she gets it down, she will almost always beat out the first throw,” said Coach Neil Dittmer.

Cornwell’s favorite part of the season is sectional, because it’s a chance to show how much the team has improved as a team.

“My favorite part about Cornwell is her desire and her want to get better. She is tough and rough on herself, and wants to be the best player possible,” said Dittmer.

Cornwell says that one goal she wants to accomplish is to win sectional and conference.

“I will miss everything about softball, I enjoy every aspect of playing,” said Cornwell.

Cornwell has pushed herself to get better, with motivation, and her positive outlook towards the sport and the team.

“Take every moment like it’s your last. Don’t take time for granted and leave it all on the field.” Cornwell said.

Story by Kinsey McBride

Photo by Addison Wells

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