Brown’s Advice for Students


Seventh grade English teacher Loretta Brown graduated from PHS in 1981 and her school life might come off as surprising.

Like many students, she was involved in many different activities at school like color guard and marching band.

“I will always remember how great it felt to perform at marching band shows in front of an audience. It was fun performing to the music and halftime shows were just becoming popular at the time,” said Brown.

One thing Brown did regret in high school was not being involved in more extracurricular activities, especially sports.

“I didn’t try many things that I wasn’t sure I would be successful in doing. Sometimes you have to be comfortable with failing to learn and to grow into the person you want to become, ” said Brown.

If Brown would do something differently, she would try to expand her list of good friends.

“I had a few close friends back then. Today, only one is considered a close friend from my high school days,” said Brown.

One lesson Brown learned from school was a high school education is invaluable. If she could go back in time and do something differently she would’ve tried and worked harder to reach her goals.

“I was in the top 10 percent of my class.  I wish I worked harder to rank in the very top of my class, ” said Brown.

Brown’s advice for high school students today would be to do your best in school.

“You will be glad you did. School does not last forever and will be over before you realize it,” said Brown.

Story by Autumn Garrett

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