Newkirk Carries on the Tradition


Staff members at PHS share more things with the students than you know. Many of them have been where PHS students are today.

The staff has walked the same halls, sat through the same classes and some have even had the same teachers.

There are many friendships made with families that go way back. PHS Athletic Director Darek Newkirk graduated from PHS in 1996. He came back after graduating college at Indiana State University in 2000 with a major in mathematics. Newkirk became a teacher then later followed in his father’s footstep as athletic director.

As students, we have all been told that the memories you make in high school are the ones you never forget. As Newkirk looks back on his high school days, his favorite memories are spending time with friends.

“That includes classes, practices, games and anytime we could get together,” said Newkirk.

Unfortunately, for some people, high school isn’t the best time of their lives, but Newkirk must have done something right. While reflecting back, he has no regrets at this point in his life. Newkirk claims that if he could go back in time there would be nothing he would do differently.

When you ask someone that has graduated high school what their greatest lesson learned was, they usually don’t remember a certain chapter in their physics book. They are older and more wise to realize what things they learned that they use in everyday life.

If there is one lesson Newkirk remembers it is knowing who your true friends are.

“Be active in school activities and have fun. You are only in high school one time, make the most of it. You will be working the rest of your life so enjoy school and everything it has to offer,” said Newkirk.

Story by Bela Brewster

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