Busick Shares Her Story


Misty Busick graduated PHS in 1995. Busick went to college at Oakland City University of Bedford, IN and earned a business degree. She started her own business in owning a daycare and has been taking care of children for 20 years.

After college, she started a family. Busick wanted to go into childcare because she always loved working with children. Busick worked in the social department at the French Lick Hotel. In this department she worked mainly in the Kids Club Summer Program, kids parties at the hotel, and children’s holiday activities. This experience influenced  Busick to start her own daycare. Another helpful determining decision was that Busick also wanted to stay home with her children when she started a family.

“Advice I have for high school kids today are to study hard, enjoy your time in high school, look up from your phone every once in awhile, talk to people. Happiness is not on Snapchat,” said Busick.

If Busick could go back in time, she would study and focus more on her classwork, instead of staying up late talking with her friends when she could have been studying.

“My favorite memory of PHS was my photography class because I liked taking pictures at sports events, developing them in the dark room, and working on the pictures for the yearbook,” said Busick.

Busick learned how to develop pictures in a dark room, how to be organized and how to prepare for college in high school.

“One regret from the high school days is I wish I pushed myself more academically,” said Busick.

Busick plans to keep her daycare and someday hopes to start a preschool.

Story by Laykin Busick

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