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Lessons Magner Learns Through PHS


Mary Magner, Throop Elementary Counselor, graduated from PHS in 1994. She had learned many important things over the course of high school.

“If I could have gone back into time, I would have enjoyed every minute of it because it goes by too quick,” said Magner.

Magner was a honor roll student and spent most of her time with her friends and being involved in clubs.

“The activities I was in included in were Student Council, Booster Club, Chess Club, National Honor Society, tennis, cheerleading and school mascots,” said Magner.

Over the many years of being at Paoli, Magner has learned valuable lessons through the way.

“One lesson I have learned is the sincerity of Paoli,” said Magner.

All though she has had some great memories at PHS, her favorite memory was when she won the speech contest her freshman year in high school.

“My all time favorite memory was when I won the speech contest my freshman year, speech was one of my all time favorite classes in high school,” said Magner.

Although Magner had had a good time in high school, she regretted not worrying less and have a little more fun over her high school career. Magner went to college at Franklin and  is the school counselor. She has two kids going through high school also.

“I hope my kids learn to study more and have fun in high school,” said Magner.

Story by Corinne Magner

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