Speech Contest Winners

This past Wednesday, April 12, PHS had its annual speech contest. Students had the opportunity to choose from, including: classic poetry, original speech, oratorical, dramatic monologue contemporary poetry, humorous monologue, humorous reading, bible reading, humorous duo, dramatic reading, humorous poetry, narrative poetry, and inspirational reading.

Winners of the categories are as follows:

Scott Caruso in Classic Poetry

Lily Thompson in Original Speech

Haley Roach and Ming Wang in Oratorical

Tristan Manship and Travis Mefford in Dramatic Monologue

KC Warren in Contemporary Poetry

Isaiah Jones in Humorous Monologue

Whitney Choate in Humorous Reading

Jalyn Engleking in Bible Reading

Callie Baker and Ali Kerby in Humorous Duo

Josh Roberts in Humorous Poetry

Laundon Goldsby in Dramatic Reading

Tara and Tessa Robbins in Dramatic Duo

Jillian Keen in Narrative Poetry

Lily Thompson in Inspirational Reading

The reserve Grand Champion of the Speech Contest is Ming Wang, and Lily Thompson is the Grand Champion of the 2017 Speech Contest.

Congratulations to all the winners of Speech Contest!

Story by Tim Leone


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