Ag Department Selling Pork Patties

The PHS Agriculture Department has recently made a huge accomplishment within the program. As many may know, the department raises pigs as a learning experience for the students.

Now available at the Lost River Community Co-op in the freezer meat section are ground pork patties from the Agriculture Department. You can buy them in boxes of roughly 30 patties for $13.59 that are lightly salted and peppered.

“In the Ag department, we are very excited about this partnership. The first line in our school’s vision statement is to Promote Partnerships. This also gives us an opportunity to expand and reach the community.  It makes our production even more ‘real world’ for our students which is a very good thing,¨ said Agriculture teacher Cory Scott.

The profits from the patties sold is going to be reinvested into the program for further growth and expansion.

Everyone at PHS would like congratulates Scott and his students for making the partnership a reality.

Story by Madison Street

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