Super Mileage

Super-mileage is an activity that may be new to some students but is offered here at PHS. The super-mileage participants get all kinds of opportunities and one of them is coming up soon. They will be traveling to Detroit, Michigan on April 29th for the Shell Eco Marathon. The Shell Eco Marathon is competition where both high schools and colleges compete in designing the most fuel efficient vehicle.

“We compete against all high schools and colleges in North and South America,” said Super-mileage advisor Jason Goodman.

The members of the super-mileage team have been working hard in preparation for this huge event. They have been building a new vehicle and preparing for some off track opportunities as well. The participants include Alex Jones, Jacob McDonald, Tyson Lawson, Brayden Rutherford, and Kyle Marshall.

“We have come up with a new car design and will be very excited to see how well it does,” said sophomore Jacob McDonald.

Being a part of this event also allows the boys to learn about careers, conservation, and the world around us, and a chance to win possible scholarships.

“I am looking forward to being with friends and helping make the car better,” said junior Kyle Marshall.

Story by Maggie Vincent

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