Night at the Museum Awards

Last night the Advanced U.S. History class hosted its annual “Night at the Museum” in the PHS cafeteria. There were 14 exhibits this year. The judges selected Garrett Vincent’s project “Determining the Destiny of the World: The Role of Cold War Leaders and Their Summits” as the Best of Show and a $50 award from the Orange County Historical Society. Anna Hutcheson was awarded second place for her project “The March of the Invisible Empire: The Rise and Decline of the Klan” and $25 from the PHS Student Incentive Fund. K.C. Warren won third place with “Give Peace a Chance” The Changing Nature of America’s Peace Movements.” Attenders were asked to vote for their favorites. Chaz Becht received the most votes for his exhibit “Providing Help and Hope” The Evolution of the American Red Cross and was named the Peoples’ Choice with Anna Hutcheson coming in second and Hunter Hamilton third. Thank you to the large number of other students who attended and helped the class create a wonderful show this year.


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