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Poe’s Move Within PHS

Seventh grade science teacher Jason Poe may be new to Paoli’s junior high classroom, but not to the school. Poe transitioned from a high school science teacher to junior high this year after the departure of Casey Bowles at the end of last school year.
“It is different. However, in many ways there are some similarities, as well. The big differences are junior high students, generally, require more direction and help from me than their counterparts in high,” said Poe.
Poe taught junior high for seven years at River Valley Middle School in Jeffersonville, Indiana prior to coming to Paoli in 2013. Poe had already had experience with the curriculum of junior high, so the transition for him was not all that difficult.
“I love the fact that I only have one class to prepare for. I used to teach three different classes, which required much more time and forethought, on my part, to prepare for each day,” said Poe.

Story by Gracie Walls

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