Backpacks Leaving Classrooms, Staying in Lockers

This year, the junior high teachers agreed it would be better for students and for teachers if students kept their backpacks in their lockers throughout the school day. It’s easier for some teachers and students, but for others, it’s difficult to keep all their stuff organized without their backpack beside them the whole school day.
“First off, this is not a school rule for the junior high or the high school.  Individual teachers are allowed to make the decision for their classroom. Some classes might be bigger than others and the space is needed, others might not.  It is a teacher decision,” said Principal Chad Johnson.
Many teachers are making it part of their class rules that students keep their backpacks in their lockers and not under their desks or in the aisles.
Being late to class is a challenge all students face, but the new backpack rule can make it more difficult for some students who travel from different parts of the school.
“I honestly think we should have backpacks because if you were going somewhere from the band room, there is a bigger chance of being late. Last year I always went from the band room to math, and if I didn’t bring my backpack, I would be late,” said eighth grader Haley Cox.
Some teachers have found that with no backpacks in the classroom, there is a lot more space. Teachers also say that it encourages students to be more organized.
“I think the backpacks in lockers rule is beneficial to both teachers and students.  Students are no longer carrying heavy loads all day long and no one has to worry about tripping over backpacks in the classroom. Also, I feel my students are more organized this year. Instead of putting everything into their backpacks, they are using folders, binders, etc., to keep their papers in order,” said eighth grade English teacher Tammy Noble.
Although some students have struggled with the no backpack rule, other students have found it helpful in the long run.
“I’m not very fond of it, but I still think it helps me manage my time wisely so I can get on the bus on time,” said eighth grader Amanda Bowles.
Not everyone feels the same about the new rule, but it is clear students will continue to adjust to the rule change as the year continues.

Story by Angie Ceja

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