AG Department to Build a Barn

Before school starts in the fall of 2018, the agriculture department is hoping to have a huge project completed: building a barn. The location of this barn will be parallel to the greenhouse the department has right now, but on the opposite side of the door to the workshop. The dimensions of the barn will be approximately 20 feet by 50 feet.
“Our main concern is that it is functional as an animal laboratory and flexible enough to serve several purposes as we grow and evolve as an Ag Program,” said agriculture teacher Cory Scott.
A big project like this is going to take a lot of money. The overall cost of the construction will be anywhere from $60,000 to $75,000. To raise that amount of funds, teachers and board members of the agriculture department are asking companies and individuals to support the agriculture department.
“Myself, Mr. Woolston, and our Ag Advisory board members will be contacting individuals who have a vested interest in a strong ag program that can produce a competent workforce, think big ag companies,” said Scott.

Story by Michael Hannon

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