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Teacher Appreciation Day

Sometimes students can take teachers for granted. For a lot of students, school is not their favorite place to be.

Teachers care a great deal about their students and put in a lot of time to make them better learners. To show their appreciation for their teachers, the Paoli football team recently took steps to share their gratitude.

Each team member was asked to write a letter to a teacher they felt had an impact on their lives either outside or inside of school.

Senior Chaz Becht wrote his letter to fourth grade teacher Erin Miller.

“I wrote my letter to Mrs. Miller because she helped me a lot during school and was one of my favorite teachers,” said Becht.

Junior Nick Douthitt chose to write his letter to technology director Alan Rutherford.

“He has served as an inspiration to me and encourages me to be a better person everyday,” said Douthitt.

Every player wrote a personalized letter to a different teacher they felt had influenced their life. The teachers received their letters Friday, September 3, and were able to read the appreciative words of their past students.

Teachers were invited by Athletic Director Darek Newkirk to attend Friday’s game against West Washington and will be seated in the endzone.


Story by Hunter Hamilton

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