Ceiling Tiles – A New Canvas

Mr. Jones and the art department have begun a new project to incorporate more art into the school building. All throughout the school, ceiling tiles have been disappearing from classrooms.

The plan involves painting the tiles in a unique way that fits with the subject of the class.

“I’d seen painting done on walls and even lockers before, but hadn’t thought about ceiling tiles,” said Jones.

Each teacher that submitted a tile was responsible for paying $20 per tile; this money goes towards funding the art department to allow for the purchase of new supplies and equipment.

Every drawing II student along with several AP students have been assigned to teachers to work with and paint for. Once they get a tile from their respective teacher’s classroom, the students collaborate with them to produce a final product that is satisfactory.

Jones hopes to have the project finished up around mid-September. This means that for an ironic change, don’t be surprised if you hear teachers encouraging students to look at the ceiling instead of chastising them for staring into what used to be merely nothingness.

Story by Jacob Graves

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