Interim Superintended Jackson

The following story was published in Issue 1 of The Paolite, 2017

The school year began with a change in leadership over the summer. Former Superintendent Casey Brewster was replaced in July and the search for a new superintendent has begun.

While applicants were being reviewed, the school board has hired Gerald Jackson. Jackson will serve in the position temporarily as the interim superintendent until the search for a new superintendent has been completed.

Jackson graduated from PHS in 1964 and returned to teach agriculture for 26 years, starting in 1969.

“I wanted to come back to help build the school, because it’s my school,” said Jackson.

When hiring the interim, the school board was required to announce every action taken. The length of term and pay was discussed at a public hearing. After the public hearing, applications were collected and interviews conducted to select the Interim. Soon after these steps were taken, the board privately deliberated as to which candidates were best suited for the job.

Once an applicant was chosen in a public board meeting, the contract was given to that person.

“At that point in time, the contract had to be accepted, signed by all parties and ultimately would be notarized by the corporation secretary to make that contract a binding, legal document,” said School Board President Lila Tucker.

The board has given power to Jackson to start the search for a new superintendent to replace his current position. The position has been advertised throughout the state, with potential candidates already responding.

There are many responsibilities a superintendent must be capable of completing to be hired.

The new superintendent must have earned a Master’s Degree in school administration and hold a valid superintendent’s license from the State Department of Public Instruction. According to an advertisement posted on the Department of Education website, candidates must have experience using data, have three years of administrative experience, understand state and federal accountability requirements, have knowledge of Indiana school law and have the ability to work with others.

He or she must follow the “Code of Ethics” (published by the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents), which is a list of ethical expectations. A few examples of the “Code of Ethics” are the following: always hold honor and dignity, keep the public informed about their school, obey both state and national laws and do not permit considerations of private gain to affect professional responsibilities.

The job of superintendent comes with many responsibilities. The job include preparing the agenda for each board meeting; prepare and submit an annual budget; monitor fuel, water and power use; make decisions relating to the weather conditions that busses should operate in and serve as curriculum director.

Salary and contract decisions will be discussed by the board as soon as interviews are conducted.

In addition to a new interim superintendent, PHS also welcomed new Assistant Principal Fred Unsicker, replacing Kyle Neukam. Neukam left Paoli to become the principal at Springs Valley High School.

Unsicker graduated from Bremen High School in Bremen, Indiana in 1992. He then went on to attend college at Manchester College for his undergraduate degree, and he attended IUPUI for a Master’s degree.

Unsicker has taught a mixture of social studies, math, reading and education classes at Norwell Middle School, James E. Davis School, Lebanon High School and Lebanon Middle School. Unsicker coached golf, softball, wrestling and basketball at various schools.

After the first few weeks of school in the books, Unsicker states the hardest parts are learning the names of teachers and students and learning the routines and policies of PHS. However, he is enjoying his time so far.

“I’d like to thank everyone for making my first two weeks successful. I look forward to learning more names and faces. I’m excited to be a part of Paoli and look forward to a great school year,” said Unsicker.


Story by Sara Kesterson

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