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Baker’s Last Swing

One last golf season remains for senior Callie Baker, and it is already in full swing. With trying to make the most of her final season here at PHS, Baker has set some goals to achieve. Baker is working her best to control her temper and advance out of regionals this season, but her biggest accomplishment in the past was making it on the conference team during her freshman year.

“We haven’t had a conference meet since then, so I have not had another chance to get the award,” says Baker, “but the team here has grown a lot, and I love my teammates.”

Joining Baker are five other girl golfers this year, and they make things even more interesting on the course.

“My best memory of golf actually happened this year at practice when Allie, Addison and I decided to hit our golf balls off of each other. We are so weird, but it was hilarious,” says Baker. However, that is only a small part of their practice. The girls prepare for meets by playing a few holes, chipping, and putting almost everyday after school.

Baker is working hard but also thinking about the future. The Evans Scholarship is a full ride to an Indiana college to anyone that caddies for an Indiana golf course, so as an Evans Scholar applicant, golf is a crucial part of Baker’s daily life.

“I do plan on going to college. As of right now, I do not know where I will attend. If I receive the Evans Scholarship I will attend Indiana University, but who knows what the future holds,” says Baker. Continuing golf at the college level is not in the plans for Baker, but instead for a leisure activity.

“Being involved in golf has allowed me to be a part of a new team other than basketball with new teammates and has changed my experience at PHS for the better,” says Baker.


Story by Kennedy Embry

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